A Vacation Harvest


A Gospel Challenge member bought a case of the book of John to hand out on a trip and waited to see where the Lord might open a door to give them out. Here’s his story:


"Not long after we arrived at our destination, we went for a walk and met a man that lived across the street from where we were staying. In the course of the conversation, I was able to share Christ with him. We stopped by the next day and gave him a copy of my book and a copy of the Gospel of John. 


"Then, on our way out to go on a train ride, we dropped off a couple of cookies I had brought with me. While we were waiting on the train, a call came through from an unknown number (which I usually wouldn’t answer, but this time I did). It was the man thanking me for the cookies and telling me that he had read both books and that he had signed and dated the page in the back of the Gospel of John (the one saying you’ve accepted Christ)! He was very excited and emotional and said that he was a believer and loved the Lord.

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“When we drove by on our last night there, he was outside talking to someone, so we stopped to say goodbye. We were able to speak truth into his friend’s life too and also gave him a copy of the book of John!" 

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