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An engaging, inspirational speaker in person, on radio, video, or podcast, Rod Laughlin is available to speak at churches, conferences, and other Christian meetings. Simply provide for his travel, room, and meals. He is as happy speaking to a tiny group as a large one. Some of his favorite topics include:


·        We Are Witnesses (Is. 43:10; Acts 2:8)

·        Making Disciples (Mt. 28:18–20)

·        How God Uses the Surrendered

·        God’s Call, Power, and Provision for Holiness

·        Saints or Sinners: The Reality of Conversion

·        Fruitful Retirement: Workers to the End (observations of an 80-year-old servant)


One- to three-session seminars on the following topics are also available:

·        How to Share the Gospel

·        Living the Deeper Life/Finding Joy in Christ

·        Know Your Bible

             --How We Got from the Original Manuscripts to Today’s English Translations

             --Understanding Bible Translation: Strengths and Weaknesses of Today’s Bibles

             --How to Get the Most out of Your Bible

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